I make handmade Timber  'portholes'. 

I just love the roundness of them, as they always seem to soften a room, and break up the uniformity of walls, tables, lounges and beds..

I am crazy about colour and feathers and love embellishing the timber with fancy flair.

I create out of timber because I love the whole process of understanding where it comes from. 

After having grown up in South Africa, going on many an adventure walking through the bush, tracking animals and being surrounded by the most amazing Boabab, Acacia and Leopard Trees I have a deep connection to mother nature.

And I love connecting to people! There is no better way to connect to others than creating with them and for them. 

I love when customers send me photos of their finished nurseries, bedrooms, dining rooms or entertaining areas with my artwork  in them! 

Knowing that I made something that they could use to enhance their home or celebration is so rewarding.